Kennedy on CNN

Screengrab: CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Sen. John N. Kennedy, R-Madisonville.

Dear CNN, MSNBC and Fox:

Please read my letter. I apologize that I am not subtle.

I am so tired of all of you. You have stopped being news outlets and become more like unhinged daytime talk shows.

I just want to let you know there is big news out there that can affect me, my children and my grandchildren, and you do very little reporting on it.

Ed Pratt: Reaching out in the spirit of the season

First, Fox. I ditched you a looooooong time ago. Not because of your conservative lean. I don’t have a problem with that, if that is all that it is. But because your people flat-out lie on the air and, then with impunity, regurgitate lies from POTUS.

No true news outlet will have its main news people shown as cheerleaders for any president, as in going on stage and groveling before him. The media should be a check and balance on the government, not in bed with its leaders.

That aside, I just don’t find the network believable and trustworthy to provide me with the truth.

Now for CNN and MSNBC. You have a liberal bent, and I enjoy that because, surprise, I am a liberal. But not to the point that I don’t have a few conservative views, too, on some issues.

But good Lord, CNN and MSNBC. I don’t need hours and hours of panel discussions on Donald Trump’s latest tweets from the White House royal bathroom stall. He is able to get you away from reporting news that is important to the country while you bring on media talking heads to discuss ad nauseam every phrase of Trump’s tweet.

What about discussions on how this government is relaxing environmental laws that will result in the pollution of more waters and lands in the nation? I want discussions on that.

Hey, what about the campaign by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to rob public schools by creating more charter schools and to make it more difficult for law enforcement investigations of sexual abuse on those charter campuses? Let’s break that down in an hourlong roundtable discussion one night.

What about a follow-up story now on what has happened to those students from the Parkland, Florida high school that was the site of mass gun killings and the national anti-gun ruckus they caused around the country when they stood up to the National Rifle Association? You know, those teenagers who showed a spine when the president and Republican lawmakers could only utter: “You have our prayers.”

Let’s get more information on voter suppression across the country out there long before elections are at hand. Let’s show the faces of people dabbling in violating the constitutional rights of Americans.

Get more roundtable discussions on why there are so many gun deaths in America, especially in the African-American communities and what can be done about it. Put politicians' feet to the fire and press some African-American leaders on what they are doing and what they aren’t doing to deal with the situation.

There should be stories on the terrible state of education in inner-city communities where tax dollars have abandoned those areas and are being spent to build shiny new, technology-laden facilities in the suburbs or even for select students right smack in the middle of town.

The bottom line, probably, is that Trump and his blatherings sell, and you at CNN and MSNBC are ready and willing to sell out.

Please drop some of the Trump-all-the-time coverage. Trust me. There is news out there that people want to hear and see. Focus folks on what is going on around the country. Stop being manipulated by Trump.

Every time something bad happens, he steers your gullible and, let’s be truthful, lazy newsrooms with a tweet or by saying something outrageous. You lose focus and, like clockwork, follow the Trump bouncing ball.

Here’s something in my best Wolf Blitzer (Man, he annoys me) voice: “Thousands of children in the U.S. have contracted a new strain of a deadly flu virus. Russia considers invading another country. South Korea has not stopped development of nuclear weapons.

“Cancer numbers are on the rise in the United States. Several communities are having to boil water because of deadly bacteria found in the supply. Fifteen people have died, and 500 have been hospitalized in 20 states.

“But this just into CNN! We have breaking news: President Trump says he is CONSIDERING banning people with black shoes from certain events at the White House. Here is our panel of shoe experts and others to discuss this matter and its wide-ranging effect on the shoes in the United States and the world.”

And off you go. Stop it.


a concerned American viewer.

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