Trump Kim Summit

U.S. President Donald Trump answers questions about the summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un during a press conference at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in Singapore. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) ORG XMIT: SGPA173

I looked up on Wednesday afternoon and found out that the bone spur Patriot-in-Chief Donald J. Trump had to do a 180 on his heartless, separate-the-weeping-children-from-their-parents program.

I wasn’t really surprised.

This reversal proves yet again that lies and evil can become heavy kin even for someone who wallows in both.

The president lied days ago, saying there was nothing he could do about his border children-snatching program and that it was ordained by previous administrations. His hands were tied. He couldn’t change things with a phone call or an executive order even if he wanted, too.

The cries of babies and the pain of mothers separated from them couldn’t make him budge. Then the stinging poll numbers came rolling in. The American public was shocked by this ghastly program. The pictures from the cages where the children were kept was overwhelming.

The pictures were cringe-worthy. Everyone I talked with found no sense in what he was doing. What the hell had happened to America?

So, we turned to the spine-devoid Repubs, who didn’t have the courage to speak out against the concentration camp. As it turns out, the let fly emails and emissaries to the White House to tell Trump, that their political futures were on the line.

Then it got worse for his program when the First Lady jumped in. You have to wonder if Trump, in a Julius Caesar voice, asked “Et tu, Melania?” when she challenged his misguided order. His plan to use babies and their horrified parents as bargaining chips so stunned Melania that she probably told him to “Be Best,” he should keep the children with their parents.

After failing in his effort to sell the case that the Democrats were the culprits in his baby-snatching fiasco, Trump spun on his bone spurs and caved. Not because he cared about the children, but because his all-important poll numbers were sinking.

I mean, even some of the ever-forgiving Trump Evangelicals had to say maybe he had gone too far this time.

Now the architect of the baby snatchings, who put his tender foot on the ground a couple days ago to praise his handiwork, was now trying to brand himself as Mr. Compassionate and needed to do something different.

What he claimed he couldn’t do a few days ago, he turned and did it.

But while signing the executive order, he did what he does so often: He fired, then chose to aim later. Under what he trotted out Wednesday, no one knows what will happen to the parents and children now separated.

He has whined that the Democrats should come over and agree to his $25 billion wall. Why should we do that? It was Trump who vowed that the Mexican government would pay for the wall. Well, make ‘em do it, why don’t ya?

As this new chapter of “As America Sinks Into An Authoritarian State,” is written, we await Trump’s next debacle, which he will blame on a congressional Democrat, Barack Obama or the guy down the street. Because you know that the bone spur Patriot-in-Chief has never, ever done anything wrong.

With babies as his latest victims, who will be next? I’m guessing Grandma and Grandpa.

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