Border Wall (copy)

Senators Bill Cassidy and John Neely Kennedy support funding the Mexico border wall.

We now have a quantifiable level for Louisiana Republicans’ fear of Donald Trump — at least $30 million, or maybe $40 million.

That’s how much is being taken out of construction projects already funded by Congress at the military airfield at Belle Chasse.

Not to worry, said an aide to Bill Cassidy, the state’s senior senator. 

“DOD has informed us the project will take place in 2020," Cassidy spokesman Ty Bofferding said. "This will not affect military readiness, personnel, pay or base operations.”

Gone, it appears, are the days when a senator spoke up for the home folks at least publicly, even if insiders in Washington — even those of the same party in the White House — understood it to be a pro forma protest.

Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, seeks reelection in 2020, as do all the U.S. House members. He is hardly alone among GOP members acting in terror of the president’s approval ratings in Louisiana. The delegation as a whole has not protested these funding raids from the White House.

But this is really craven: Robbing Belle Chasse of construction funds, to pay for a Rio Grande “border wall” that will mean nothing to Louisiana, except among those deluded enough to think that our state is going to be overwhelmed by brown immigrants any day.

At least object for the record, senators and representatives. Or your opponents will be able to fairly give you a new campaign slogan, “Putting Louisiana Last.”

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