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Mitt Romney

You’ve got to worry about poor Mitt Romney. He probably isn’t getting any sleep over the possibility of the Louisiana Republican Party condemning him.

Will they do it Saturday at the GOP central committee’s meeting?

Having been a governor of a larger state (Massachusetts) and now senator from the solidly Republican electorate of Utah, not to mention 2012 GOP presidential nominee, the wealthy Romney may be in a fragile state because of longtime Louisiana party official Mike Bayham’s disapproval of his criticisms of the president.

Donald Trump is also mad at Romney for having voted for the president’s removal from office. That was deeply offensive to the president, because it was based on Romney’s personal conception of the honor that ought to inhabit the Oval Office, and no longer does.

Maybe poor Mitt will be driven over the edge, first Trump and now the sectarian Trumpists of the Bayou State. Or maybe not.

Does the central committee have anything better to do in an election year? Obviously not.

Resolution asks Louisiana GOP to condemn Utah Sen. Mitt Romney over Trump treatment

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