Yet another Louisiana politician displays an obsession with the Oval Office, looking ridiculous the whole time.

It is Mike Yenni, whose presidency is only in Jefferson Parish, and that somewhat tenuously in terms of real power, because of a scandal.

Yenni’s redecoration of his office with Oval tones was reported by WWL-TV as paid for out of his own pocket. If he wants to look a fool on the famous carpet, that’s his business.

And he is hardly alone in Louisiana’s political history: Huey P. Long didn’t like the Governor’s Mansion he won in 1928, condemned it, and had wrecking crews knock it down overnight. Long built a White House look-alike, indulging his fantasies of his future.

(Today, it is the Old Governor’s Mansion that houses much Long memorabilia. Operated by the valuable preservationist nonprofit, Preserve Louisiana, it’s a great tour in downtown Baton Rouge.)

Huey had a bit more of a shot at the big time than Yenni, disabled by having been caught sending salacious texts to a young man.

We’ll never see Yenni toiling away in the Oval Office overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue. He’ll have to make do with a view of Clearview Parkway, and two years from now, voters may well take that away from him too.