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District 2 metro councilwoman Chauna Banks speaks on topic regarding the North Baton Rouge Economic Development District, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, during a meeting of the Metro Council at City Hall in downtown Baton Rouge, La.

Tara Wicker cannot be more wrong. The Metro Council member says it is "a challenge just to keep the decorum ... just to keep (the meetings) from becoming almost comical." In truth, decorum left the council long ago. 

The council has been plumbing the depths of incivility for a while now, perhaps helping to fuel the bad blood between Chandler Loupe and Chauna Banks.

But when comical descends to despicable, something stronger is required.

"If your son wasn't buying weed, he would be walking today," she wrote in a Sept. 14 email to Loupe that also went to Metro Council administrators. In 2012, Loupe's son was shot at age 15, in a reported drug deal gone bad.

This cannot be waved away by council members as more of Banks' impulsive and sometimes insulting remarks. The level of hatefulness in such a comment requires an apology.

And if it is not forthcoming, and with Banks we should not hold our breaths, the council members should officially censure her for this comment. Anything less would contribute to another blow not only to decorum but the public's view of the council as a whole.