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The president claims to be such a great deal maker. He has an autobiography entitled "The Art of the Deal." Does any other American citizen wonder why any time Donald Trump meets with a foreign dictator, there are no note takers, and consequently …

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When national education rankings come out and compare Louisiana test scores to that of the rest of the nation, I believe context is needed. The test being compared is NAEP, and only a small percentage of students take the test. The test also is on…

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While in office, President Barack Obama was fond of using a phrase widely attributed to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” In the hours following the announcement of Supreme Court Ju…

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In your June 4 editorial on Huey Long versus FDR, you didn't mention that the segments of the New Orleans elites which are always smug could barely contain their glee upon Long's assassination. For a reminder of that, see one of Ken Burns' earlies…

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