In New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu recently announced a crackdown on “bandit” signs and illegal dumping. Bandit signs are those that appear on roadsides, medians, light poles and parking meters. They’re usually left until they blow away, contributing to a general unsightly and trashy appearance in the community.

On the eve of election season, when these signs proliferate exponentially, it would be wonderful if Mayor Kip Holden and our Metro Council would undertake a similar crackdown here in Baton Rouge.

Signs could be picked up, photographed and fines levied on those responsible, as in New Orleans.

Certainly cleaning up Baton Rouge is something our mayor and council agree on. It is only through public-private partnerships that we will change behavior regarding litter and trash in our communities.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful and Keep Baton Rouge Beautiful are doing their part to help educate the community and clean up littered sites. We look to our leaders to put teeth into anti-litter laws on the books and hold those responsible accountable to the community as a whole.

We invite your views and further discussion on the Keep Louisiana Beautiful Facebook page.

Leigh Harris, executive director

Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Baton Rouge