After reading Bob Martin's Feb. 10 letter to the editor (Martin compared President Trump’s Jan. 6 speech to a coach at a football game) I must apologize to ex-President Donald Trump.

The liberal press and nefarious House presenters at the impeachment proceedings managed to photoshop out the cheerleaders and uniformed athletes in all of the videos shown of the MAGA crowd on the Mall in Washington on Jan. 6.

What? There were no pom-poms, no cheerleaders, no sports uniforms? Just a mob bearing weapons, nooses and signs threatening death or injury to members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence? Well, gee, I guess that's different.

As a lawyer, Martin should be aware that Louisiana law makes it a criminal offense for "any person to incite or procure any other person to create or participate in a riot." This statute has been used to get convictions of defendants from both sides of the political spectrum who encouraged others to destroy property and cause serious injuries. Our courts have never declared this law unconstitutional as overbroad for fear that it would be used to wrongfully prosecute Coach O or LSU cheerleaders.

If it looks like a riot, it's a riot. If it looks like a Saturday evening in Death Valley, it's a football game. Doesn't take a genius to tell the difference.



New Orleans

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