I am not surprised at all that someone died in a car accident on Coursey Boulevard.

I drive to and from work on Coursey every day, and I’m usually out on it on weekends as well. People drive like maniacs, especially on Fridays. I don’t understand the traffic in Baton Rouge every Friday!

I’ve driven in Chicago on the Ike, Atlanta’s I-95 and I-285 and the Georgia 400, and people in Baton Rouge are possibly some of the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered — but especially so on Fridays.

Every day on Coursey at least one person pulls out in front of me and cuts me off so I have to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting them. People trying to get onto Coursey from side streets stop their vehicles past the stop signs, and most of the time people have to stop to keep from hitting them, or pull over into the other lane.

Elderly people seem timid about driving on Coursey, and if you are too timid to drive, you should not drive.

I’m also amazed at how aggressive young men in trucks are, but then young women in any kind of vehicle are sometimes more aggressive than men. What has happened to common courtesy, allowing someone to merge into traffic or just driving the speed limit?

People who pull those long trailers with lawn equipment also seem oblivious to how long those things are, and just because you can get your truck or car into traffic does not mean that the trailer is going to take up less space. I hate it when I see one of those vehicles pulling those long trailers and I will avoid areas where they are most prevalent.

One day there is going to be a bad accident from people who live in the Parkview or Parkridge — I can’t remember which — subdivision off Sherwood because the residents trying to get onto Sherwood Forest will run the stop signs and pull into traffic whether they should or not.

I have had to stop so suddenly that everything falls off the seats, and if I’d had passengers and they had not had seat belts buckled, they would have hit windows or dash or been thrown into the backs of the front seats.

Also people occupying the old Schwegmann’s grocery store on Sherwood Forest close to Airline Highway run stop signs, pull out in front of cars causing you to have to brake suddenly. You can see them getting a running start in their parking lot so they can run the stop signs and hurry into traffic.

Judy Turner


Baton Rouge