When watching and reading the daily assault on President Donald Trump by the mainstream media, I'm reminded of a quote from the great Democratic candidate for president in the 1950s, Adlai Stevenson.

When asked in an interview what the role of America's newspaper publishers was in the upcoming election with him running against Dwight Eisenhower, he said, "Their job is to separate the wheat from the chaff and print the chaff."

Television was in its early days and the print media ruled but television rules today and it's the mainstream and unfortunately, it has learned nothing and is still airing the "chaff."

In the days of Ike and Adlai, when the character of your opponent was never questioned and only issues and philosophy were questioned by an unbiased media, we could get a fair picture of the men running for office. Today the vast majority of the media leans far to the left and they make no bones about it and therefore we get news that is largely chaff void of evenhanded facts.

If the son of Ike Eisenhower had been paid millions of dollars to do nothing by a foreign company controlled by the Communist Party like Hunter Biden was paid, Stevenson would have been elected in 1952 with 90% of the votes cast.

My, how the times have changed with the left-leaning media proudly leading the way.


retired sales representative

River Ridge