As an LSU alumnus, I was surprised to see LSU's ranking in The Wall Street Journal's (Sept. 4-5) "Grid of Shame" for college football published at the beginning of every season.

No surprise that Alabama is listed as WSJ's top model "Powerhouse, Most Admirable" program. Unfortunately, LSU is ranked near the top as the "Powerhouse, Most Embarrassing" program. The admirable and embarrassing classifications are determined by the football environment off the field, including issues swirling around players, coaches, and campus leaders.

Coach Ed Orgeron's ridiculous exchange with a UCLA heckler should seal the deal for LSU's number No. 1 ranking for national embarrassment. Orgeron's behavior proves he is a beyond poor role model and ambassador for LSU and the state of Louisiana. Fortunately, good people around the country who follow college football will continue giving to repair damage caused by Hurricane Ida, while leaving the wreckage of LSU football for someone else to clean up.


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Charleston, S.C.

LSU's Ed Orgeron jaws with UCLA fan on his way into the Rose Bowl: 'Bring your a** on!'