There are times when action is necessary. After hearing our U.S. senator, John N. Kennedy, make remarks that he had learned the coronavirus is “very contagious and not as lethal as the experts claimed,” I knew I had to act.

I wrote to ask him to go to every cemetery in Louisiana, to every grave created because of COVID-19, and recite his statement to the person in the grave and tell them they can rise to live again. I assured him it would only take 5,586 visits as of the date of my letter. And then I asked him to visit the spouse/child/parents of the person within each grave and give them the same message. I expressed my hope they would give the senator the response he earned by making such a statement, attempting to lessen a killer disease.

I told the senator he had just informed the people of this state that they can take their chances with this virus as “it is not as lethal.” I told him such a statement puts the future, daily deaths on him.

The word “insensitive" is too fine a word to use to describe these actions, these words, of Kennedy’s.

I told the senator he does not deserve to represent the people of Louisiana in the United States Senate. We deserve better.


retired administrator

Baton Rouge