U.S. Sen. John N. Kennedy, R-Madisonville

Grace Notes: On tariffs, John Kennedy finds himself on the same page as...Chuck Schumer?

Your Dec. 4 edition was nearly radioactive in its intense vitriol, by two of your in-house people, against U.S. Sen. John Kennedy. Walt Handelsman's been melting down for a while now with his picturing, before the Mueller "Russia probe" became a big dud, political Armageddon in Washington. Stephanie Grace has now joined him, and like the B-52 pilot in "Dr. Strangelove," fixes on demolishing her target no matter what — in her case, the cognitive dissonance she engenders in those pesky subscribers who get some news unfiltered. Yet worse for this dynamic duo, they see the object of their extreme ire repeatedly getting an abundance of attention from bigger-league colleagues. Last straw for them was evidently Kennedy's latest appearance as a featured guest on "Meet The Press." He left Chuck Todd sputtering because, though Grace totally omitted this, Kennedy came armed with references from numerous reputable journals and journalists backing his position. Short on journalistic balance, Grace reduces herself to shrieking "class clown" and "willing dupe."

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Grace concludes her column, after berating us with updated but warmed-over, Joe McCarthy-style maxims, by claiming to be serious. Were that so, she would have brought prominently to our attention by now the all too real threat to the republic represented in the Democratic National Committee actively behaving like Third World world potentates by, in clear effect, "fixing" the 2016 nomination for Hillary Clinton. Her affections evidently lie in the lap of our masters, as when she lamented not long ago the failure of "governing class" to curb or annul Donald Trump.

Grace need only extend that alarmingly high-handed printed opinion to declare it appropriate for the 11th richest man in the world, Michael Bloomberg, to buy the presidency — though that might make even Russian oligarchs blush. Perhaps one of her favorites, Mitch Landrieu, newly funded by the Apple heiress, could become his VP. Have I "scooped" Grace on that one? She obviously distrusts the middle classes. Left unbridled, they repeatedly re-elected FDR, who brought America the decidedly populist WPA, then Social Security. Except for an assassin's bullet, they might, OMG, have installed a President Huey Long. Lastly, for Handelsman, this question: Since you've pictured Kennedy as an off-camera conspirator, are you planning equal treatment when, say, FBI IG Horowitz and/or U.S. Attorney Durham delve deeply, perhaps with criminal charges, into the machinations of wanna-be FBI coupmeisters altering and falsifying FISA applications?

Your Kennedy cartoon is fanciful opinion. The pledges of Strozk, Page and others to "stop" a nominee, then a presidency are a matter of established fact despite your paper previously relegating reportage of those quotes and facts to back pages. We are in a fix in this country.

Doug Roome

retired social worker