In light of the senseless killings in California, I would like to make a comment about country and unity. We as people of each community have spent millions of dollars for elections that divide us as Americans to elect a particular party to lead our great country. It is sad and disheartening to see the devastation in the U.S., Europe and other countries that are having to endure such pain. It is time to unite, Republican and Democrat, and quit beating each other up. Millions of people depend on you politicians to give us freedom in America. Terrorists are here and I hope ALL of Congress addresses this scary situation. Stop the Republican/Democrat standoff and lead our country. I am sure I can speak for a lot of Americans in saying we are scared and need unity. Our country was built from Ellis Island and France (Louisiana Cajun-style) and all of you politicians need to focus on the real issues of this country and the people dying instead of yourselves and the amount of campaign money you have raised. Pray for California. Washington politicians, work with each other, not for yourselves and your bottom line.

Rhonda Breaux