On Aug. 28, LSU football players marched across campus for social justice and on another occasion, Drew Brees had the name of a victim of a police shooting on his helmet.

Both the LSU players and Brees have made the people of our state proud with their exploits on the field and how they act off of the field with the fans and the work they do in the community.

I understand some may have a problem with the shooting victim. They are entitled to their opinion.

That being said, some of the hateful comments I have seen on social media makes me sad and disgusted. Both the LSU team and Brees are exercising their First Amendment rights.

I get that some don’t share their position, but some people are downright disrespectful. It’s like all they are interested in about these players is what they do on the field, but now these sanctimonious people are turning their backs on the players and Brees.

The amusing part is that many of these same sanctimonious individuals would kiss up to both just to get a picture or autograph from them as they trash them online. Such hypocrites.

Is it a wonder why some players may choose to opt out when they see hate-filled posts by some fans? And it would serve them right if Brees walked right past them, but he and the LSU players actually have class.


retired teacher