The front page article, “La. leaders visit border to get firsthand look at crisis,” would be more aptly titled, “Three stooges take taxpayer-funded rides on helicopter and boat.” Gov. Bobby Jindal, House Speaker Chuck Kleckley and State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson should have read the law signed by President George Bush in 2008 before heading to the Texas border in search of a cause. Well, ignorance is bliss. Jindal has been in the hunt for a presidential bid since taking office. I guess Kleckley feels the need to step into Jindal’s footsteps, so he is getting on-the-job training. Edmonson must be feeling confident about the state’s Texas border crisis situation since the thousand or so children who invaded Louisiana went to their own families and sponsors. Still, one cannot be too careful. As Edmonson said, the children might be “fleeing law enforcement.” Our three stooges are a trip all on their own.

Terry Verigan

technology consultant