Grand Canyon North Rim

FILE - This Feb. 22, 2005 file photo shows the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, background, as tourists hike along the South Rim in Grand Canyon, Ariz. Lower snowfall in recent years at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim is prompting tourism officials to expand the visiting season for tourists. The North Rim typically closes from mid-October to mid-May because of snow. But the one road that goes into the lesser visited part of the Grand Canyon now often doesn’t have snow by Dec. 1. Tourism officials say climate change could work in their favor to bring in more visitors and revenue to the region. (AP Photo/Rick Hossman, File) ORG XMIT: LA201

Letters: Don't wreck economies for a theory

In a recent letter, Donnie Floyd wrote of Galileo’s heretical view regarding the motions of the earth and sun that got him in deep trouble with the Catholic Church. Floyd then went on to flail at climate change supporters who want to prosecute the nonbelievers. I’ve never heard of this silly idea and do not consider it worth a comment. The truth about climate change is that there is much scientific data that supports the theory.

Nowhere have I read of any credible science that suggests the ocean will rise by only “about one thousandths of an inch in a million years.” Sadly, it is already happening. To obfuscate, distort, and deny known scientific facts is not heresy, but it is scientific ignorance. Floyd is not alone in such views as many Americans have a strong anti-science bent.

Gordon Holcomb


Baton Rouge