President Barack Obama last week presented a quality program to put Americans to work. It included holding down taxes for the middle class, getting the wealthy to pay their share and incentives to companies to provide jobs for the long-term unemployed and veterans. It was an excellent program that would benefit all Americans and turn the recession around.

Now let’s see what the Republicans do. Will they continue to give lip service to job creation while stifling real employment options? Will they complain about cost and disregard benefits? Of course they will.

And why would they stifle the president’s job program? His stimulus programs worked. The stimulus helped companies such as GM stay in business, saving thousands of jobs. The banks were forced to diminish their greedy practices, even though they found new fees to use to pinch money off consumers.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry brags about the lower-than-average unemployment rate in Texas, but neglected to mention that those jobs were the result of his accepting the very stimulus money he so disdains.

Many people’s homes were saved from foreclosure. Young adults now have a few years to establish their careers before being forced to survive without health insurance. “Obamacare” will soon create thousands of new health-care jobs. Most of the stimulus money was paid back. The Republicans never mention that.

So why will they try to kill the president’s program? What objection could they possibly have? Here is the answer. The Republicans are infested with what is called the tea parties. The only goal of these tea partiers is to unseat President Barack Obama by any means necessary.

They want high unemployment so Obama will look bad and not be re-elected. They don’t care what happens to the middle class or the working poor.

They care only about disposing of the president. Watch them. They will tell their lies and spread their garbage and pretend that the cost of employing America is “too expensive.”

This is a time of testing. Are Republicans real Americans or traitors? If they are real Americans, they will pass the president’s jobs bill, intact, no whining, no delays, no tricks. They should do the right thing for once in their political lives. They should make themselves worthy to be called congressmen and senators. They should be real Americans for a change.

No, Obama is not the messiah. He had a huge mess to clean up from Ronald Reagan and the Bushes. He is not as assertive as I would like and continues to be reluctant to put the Republicans in their place. But he has a good plan and only un-American traitors would oppose it.

Rhonda Browning


Baton Rouge