No gaps in understanding: Here's your primer on Medigap Coverage

Medigap covers some or all of the out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare, minimizing the financial risk to seniors.

I read and hear those championing "Medicare for all" as the solution for "what ails the country." I hear insurance companies offering Medicare coverage with no premium. Then I look at my Social Security monthly statement. There I see two types of deductions: one for my Part B Medical coverage and one for my Part D Prescription coverage. I look a little further and I see two more deductions for Parts B and D ( because of my income, I pay twice ). I am not complaining about these deductions. I just want to point out that these are the premiums we pay for our Medicare coverage. For most people Medicare is not free. We pay a premium each month from our Social Security check.

Letters: There's a cost to not creating Medicare for all

Who is going to pay these premiums in a Medicare for all program?

Let's call it what it is. It is not Medicare as we know it. It is Socialized Medicine.

Beverly Barrilleaux


Baton Rouge