In response to the “Social Security disability running out of money” article on Page 3A, Monday.

The article states that the Social Security trustees are urging Congress to shore up the disability system by moving money from our already troubled retirement system. I am all for taking care of disabled Americans so whatever has to happen, I think it must be done.

However, as far as our regular Social Security retirement system is concerned I do believe we can make a tremendous impact on the system with the encouragement of all companies and workplaces to respect our older workers and allow them to work with the few accommodations that are required for those desirous to do so.

After retiring and staying with my husband until he passed away, I was fortunate to find another workplace that seems to have great respect for older workers. The combined experience and mentoring available from our older workers is invaluable. If we are lucky enough to grow old, it is wonderful to continue to feel a sense of service, to say nothing of being able to impact our income.

The longer we work, the greater the incentive to wait to draw Social Security, and that, my friends, will help our families and the retirement source of many Americans, to say nothing of our own mental well-being.

If you like to work (and I love to work), then go for it. Our years of living are increasing; let’s make our years of working longer. I believe it can impact our society in more ways than one.

Ellen Campbell

registered nurse

Baton Rouge