Too often, I have driven by recreation areas after dark and have witnessed an excess of lighting on tennis courts, basketball courts etc. when they are occupied and unoccupied. As a taxpayer, this practice raises questions in my mind as to how and why more-vigilant watching of these areas could enable agency directors to turn off the lights that are not being used.

Because I have been in the electrical business for over 50 years, I can expend an interest in the wasted kilowatt-hours when unnecessary lights are left on at these different locations when there is no need for their use. With the technology available today, power can be turned off easily by the push of a button on a cellphone. Wasted tax dollars could be avoided and conservation-of-energy practices utilized.

Nationwide, several states are facing the threat of instituting blackouts to equally distribute electricity and other energy uses that we have all come to enjoy and expect. The greater conservation awareness could save taxpayers thousands of dollars yearly.

I ask that you investigate this situation and urge all elected and appointed officials to institute changes in conserving and using electricity wisely. It is only through efficient energy usage policies that we can avoid interrupted comforts and the needed benefits and privileges electricity provides.

Frank Barovechio

retired electrical field superintendent