Is ignorance a sin? Consistency a virtue?

These questions keep intruding on my humble evaluation of the social dystopia gripping American society. I don’t have definitive answers. What I do know is that if racists justifiably do not deserve their names on national shrines or local monuments, then today’s culture warriors have much work ahead of them.

Confederate War leaders were easy targets. Apparently now it’s time to move on to later offenders, as demonstrated by the latest knee-jerk reaction to rename LSU’s Middleton Library. The old canard, “dead men tell no tales” has a new corollary: “Dead men can’t defend themselves.” Accordingly, it’s time to step up the action.

Yale and Stanford universities were named for men who would be deemed racists by modern protesters. Time to rename them. And let’s not forget Princeton University, whose iconic Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is named for a leader who did more to further segregation and racial prejudice than any president of the previous century.

Why should these brand-name institutions of the progressive left escape scrutiny? Why, indeed.



Baton Rouge