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Climbing area at the Knock Knock Museum. 

The founders of Knock Knock Children’s Museum were not museum experts, teachers or particularly well-known community members when they conceived the idea for it more than 10 years ago. They were moms, and that’s what inspired them to think about how cool it would be for Baton Rouge to have a place where all kids could go to learn. They have stuck with their plans, visiting museums around the world, trying to raise money and doing everything they could to bring Knock Knock to life. The Knock Knock Museum opens August 22, 2017.

I am writing to note how much we are looking forward to going to the “Knock Knock” Children's Museum that opened in Baton Rouge last month. It was neat to read about the main folks who have spearheaded this, as was noted in The Advocate, including Staci Duhe, Aza Bowlin, Kelli Harton, Cricket Gordon, Kelli Stevens, and Cate Heroman. It will be so cool to take John, our 10-year-old grandson, to Knock Knock when he comes into Red Stick the next time from Kansas. As transplant "yat" to the Red Stick, I fondly recall attending the Children's Museum in New Orleans, where our kids and us had so much fun. We also loved attending the children's museums in Washington, D.C., and Boston on trips with the kids.

Thanks to the leadership of the Knock Knock Children's Museum and all donors and volunteers for bringing such a wonderful “Learning Through Play” endeavor to help improve the overall health status and fun for all of us in the region. As a licensed clinical social worker with a background in gerontology, the study of aging, and having been blessed to work in the past at an intergenerational adult day health care program, I know that the Knock Knock Children's Museum will provide a wonderful opportunity for bridging the generations and bringing people together for positive change and ongoing learning.

Keith John Paul Horcasitas

social worker

Baton Rouge