Recently I read that a young man died in a hazing incident. According to the newspaper, alcohol and drug overdoses were contributing factors.

Here is my idea that I hope your newspaper and readers will endorse. It might change the country for the better.

Why not have skilled educators and psychologists create a course that will teach young people about how to drink responsibly and why do you think you need to drink?

They could explain that alcohol is a mood changer, but a little is all you need to change your mood. Mindlessly drinking massive quantities does nothing to enhance your life.

Not only should this be explained but also videos could be created that show why people drink to excess and, if you do drink, how to drink responsibly.

We should insist that a program that teaches responsible drinking be taught in schools. After all, we teach sex education.

Since there is so much underage drinking, my thoughts are that passage of this new course should grant you a license between 18 and 21 to purchase alcohol.

Let’s encourage our lawmakers to mandate that schools create a program to teach how to drink responsibly and why we drink in the first place. It could only help save lives.

John H. Wormser

  • ovelist

New Iberia