As a Hispanic-American, I am a member of the fastest-growing population in the United States. And you may be, too. Right now, about 1 in 6 people living in the United States are Hispanic. By 2035, we could account for nearly one in four Americans. Isn’t it about time we had health care that matches our diverse, eclectic and emerging community?

The All of Us Research Program is working to make that a reality here in Louisiana.

People of color are more likely to get certain conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The Hispanic community is no exception. The top causes of death for Hispanic Americans are heart disease and stroke. More Hispanics die from heart disease than all forms of cancer combined.

You can help change that statistic. Everyday Americans who take part in All of Us ensure a better, healthier future for themselves and their families. The critical health data they provide will create a secure research database that researchers can use to help identify and treat diseases better. We need every one of us to make sure that our Hispanic community is well represented in this research.

The All of Us Research Program looks at where and how you live and your personal biology to create disease prevention and treatment that accounts for individual and community differences. It’s called Precision Medicine, and this forward-thinking approach is long overdue.

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People who take part in All of Us are not test subjects. We are encouraged to engage during every step. We have a say in how our information is used and how much we decide to give. Some of us are part of the program governance and oversight committee. Researchers then turn that information into best practices, new approaches and revolutionary treatments.

But we need you. The All of Us Research Program wants Americans of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Healthy? Great! Not healthy? We need you too. All of Us is a huge step toward creating a fair health care system for all people. But it cannot succeed without our community.

The futures of our businesses, our families and our livelihoods need a healthy, vibrant and thriving Hispanic community. The first step is having an informed and quality health care. As a Hispanic-American and a mother, I urge every one of you to commit a small amount of your time and take part in this program.

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Mayra Pineda

president/CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana

New Orleans