Let me see if I have this straight: Mark and Patricia McCloskey were indicted for “felony unlawful use of a firearm” for coming outside their house and displaying their guns to show the “peaceful” protesters that they would protect their home and property.

Now I put the word peaceful in parentheses to put emphasis on the word in your article where you stated that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner stated they risked bloodshed at what was otherwise a peaceful protest.

Also, in your article you stated that the protesters were marching on their “private” street. I believe you failed to mention that this was a gated community and the iron entrance gate to this community was crashed and knocked over so that these peaceful protesters could enter this private community.

How in the world could this circuit attorney label this a “peaceful” demonstration when the protesters broke into the community? Why wasn’t this article on the front page of the paper? I believe I know why.


retired oilfield