Fact Check Week

President Donald Trump

E. J. Dionne is not an ignorant man; however he is deceitful and deceptive. In his latest column which you published on September 3, he claims that the Electoral College is not democratic.

Letters: More thoughts on the Electoral College

He obviously knows better for it is clear that the United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Along with many who cannot accept the fact that Hillary Clinton is not the president, Dionne would change our constitutional system to allow the election of president by direct popular vote.

Of course this would allow the most populated areas such as New York and California to decide the election of the president. However, the framers of our Constitution were wise enough to strike a balance. Our constitutional system allows the more populated states to have more electoral votes while allowing the citizens of all states, even the least populated, to have a vote in the electoral college.

Letters: Direct election of president makes most sense

The argument that the Electoral College is not democratic is disingenuous. If, as Dionne suggests, we need more democracy, we can eliminate our Congress. We do not need senators and representatives to vote for us. That is not democratic.

All citizens, and presumably he would also include those here illegally, should be allowed to vote on all issues. The budget, income tax rates, immigration regulations, speed limits, etc. etc. Everyone in the country should be allowed to vote every Saturday on any and all issues that come up during the previous week. Then we would be a true democracy.

Do not be misled by Dionne and his ilk.

Richard T. Regan

retired attorney