In this time of COVID-19, I am amazed at the number of people who will not wear a mask or get vaccinated. The science is sound. The vaccines work. There are members of my extended family who refuse to get "the shot" because it inhibits their personal rights and freedoms and they follow the echo chamber of social media.

I understand that hospitals are required to serve all sick people, but I feel that if an unvaccinated person gets COVID-19 that hospitals should not be required to accept them as patients. Why should people who refuse to follow science expect science to heal them after they get sick? What right do they have in clogging up hospitals and ICU rooms and preventing other sick people from getting care?

They made a choice in not getting vaccinated, so now live or die with the consequence. The pandemic could be brought to its knees if we were all vaccinated.


retired state employee

Baton Rouge