I am writing to make readers aware of a situation I encountered while mailing ballots for two recent elections in Orleans Parish. In both elections, the mailing envelope has at the top right-hand corner where you would affix the stamp this information: "extra postage may be required."

This information is misleading. In both elections, where the ballot and mailing envelope were those supplied to the voters, and when voters are told not to include any additional content in the mailing envelope, extra postage was required. I learned the amount required only by visiting my local post office.

Surely the secretary of state, registrar of voters or other office responsible for determining what is printed on the return envelope does not want everyone using the vote-by-mail option to visit their local Post Office and wait in line to learn the amount of postage required. Post offices already are understaffed; they should not need these additional in-person customers when there is another option. The specific amount of postage required must be printed on the envelope where the stamps are to be affixed.

It is difficult not to be cynical in a time when statements made by the president of the suggest strongly he is attempting to reduce the number of ballots that will be cast in the November presidential election. Add to that is the lack of sufficient funding for the Postal Service. I sent my concerns in letters to the registrar of voters and secretary of state three weeks ago but have not received any response.

If you are planning to vote by mail for the November election, please make certain you have adequate postage.


retired professor

New Orleans