Grace Notes: As Louisiana welcomes Stormy Daniels home, state tells pornographers to hit the road

On May 11, the front page of The Advocate featured an article and graphic about the high school graduation rate. As a mother of a fourth-grader, I used this as an opportunity to remind her about the importance of education and tell her that high school graduation is not a guarantee for all young adults. The graphic showed a line graph of the Louisiana high school graduation rates which led to her asking me how the rate is calculated, which was a great hands-on mathematical learning experience.

She read the article and then continued to read the other headlines. Directly beneath the above-mentioned article was a photograph and descriptive article about Stormy Daniels and her strip tour. The article was more graphic than I would have liked my child to read, and I was disappointed The Advocate chose to highlight Ms. Daniels' endeavors on the front page adjacent to a family friendly article about high school graduation. I understand that some readers may have been interested in Ms. Daniels' tour and for those readers, I wish The Advocate would have placed the article on an inside page.

Lori Denstel


T-Shirts and copies of Penthouse Magazine are seen at the Penthouse Club before the performance of adult film star Stormy Daniels, who received a payout from President Donald Trump's lawyer allegedly for an affair, during her nationwide tour as Pet of the Century in New Orleans, La. Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

registered nurse

Baton Rouge