George Brignac

Regarding "Archdiocese owes Catholics promise not to fail again," the Dec. 23 editorial.

Many Catholics are left clinging to their faith due to the priest abuse crisis. They are deeply troubled that their leaders have covered up for child rapists like ex-Deacon George Brignac for many years, as laid out in this newspaper following exhaustive research by Ramon Antonio Vargas and David Hammer.

Brignac was indicted for child rape only after my client testified before a secular body, i.e. an Orleans Parish grand jury, earlier this year. The Archdiocese of New Orleans is now using the bankruptcy laws to close the doors against past victims of clergy sex abuse.

Can the faithful believe church fathers are truly concerned for the victims, or only in protecting themselves?



New Orleans

Our Views: New Orleans archdiocese owes Catholics acknowledgment, promise not to fail again