It seems that for some time now and especially of late our politicians, candidates, journalist, pundits and opinion writers routinely mention the potential condition of our soul. “The soul of our nation is at stake.” “This is about America's soul.” “Our soul is in danger.” Not sure what makes some of the above feel that they are in a position to comment on a collective concern regarding individuals souls.

I have a request. Whenever one feels the need to comment on the nation's soul, please issue a disclaimer or add a caveat that this does not include me, Dave. Dave’s soul is intact and well, and none of those mentioned earlier need to involve themselves in that condition. My soul is fed and nurtured by one source and one source only. That one source is never mentioned by those above and probably never will be. If you need help with determining what that source is, you probably have no place commenting on the condition of anyone's soul.

Our values? Please see above. Character? Again, same comments. Apologies? Not on my behalf, please.

Dave Embry

retired engineer

Baton Rouge