Gov. Bobby Jindal’s political ad on all of the jobs he implies he has created in Louisiana is another great distortion of the facts dictated by the Republicans, but is a great insight and indicator how Jindal has used taxpayers dollars to promote himself via the economic development agency.

Remember he ran on and did call a special session for ethical reform on the basis that corporations would not locate here because of our image as corrupt. He cited an LSU report and a rag out of Washington. He was wrong on both reports. I had suggested to Dr. Bill Cassidy, then my local legislator, during the bogus special session called by Jindal to fix our bogus “ethical” problem, that he should include in the legislation a certification that any corporation that received any tax money or benefit, certify that it was the legislation which made them locate, relocate or expand here in Louisiana. That would give us a clear and measurable “result/effect” of this so called ethics reform.

I wanted to add another certification that no corporation that received any of this taxpayer money could contribute to Jindal or any of his PACs. I never heard back from Dr. Cassidy or his staff. Of course, the legislation essentially exempted the Governor’s Office from any transparency, or reporting, and with chief of staff and fund-raiser Timmy Teepell, “I tell contributors to follow the law,” there is no way to track the PAC layers of money.

Money talks, and Jindal and Teepell are effective at raising money, and with Sen. David Vitter’s, R-La., support and money, they will continue the march toward the White House, delayed only by Jindal’s run against Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

Truth is of no moment with Jindal, and his distortions are insulting. His arrogance and ambition have morphed him from messiah to creator. He did not create those jobs in his political ad.

Ron Thompson

retired lawyer, state worker, Col. U.S. Army