Stewart Eastman, waearing traditional German lederhosen and an alpine "festhut" hat, takes a swig of beer as Deutsches Haus celebrates the arrival of summer, as well as all things German, during Volksfest along Bayou St. John in New Orleans, La., Saturday, June 1, 2019.

The recent article about the Deutsches Haus caused me to offer another perspective. The Haus, as we call it, has been in existence since 1928, and has promoted German culture throughout our region, survived the problems of WWII and its aftermath, with its mantra to be all-inclusive and apolitical.

The charter and bylaws make it perfectly clear that no one is excluded from membership who applies on the basis of inclusiveness and tolerance. There are no restrictions based on personal political, religious or ethnic opinions or backgrounds as long as the applicant will adhere to the bylaws of the Haus. The same train of thought applies to any outside organization that applies to conduct its event or business at the Haus.

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It is without discussion important to know that the Haus could not have survived or would not be in existence today in our country without strict adherence to its principles of political neutrality among other issues. To touch on the point that our lieutenant governor, Billy Nungesser, with award-winning chef John Folse, has initiated an event on September 4 at the Haus has nothing to do with the reelection of Billy Nungesser but is for the entire purpose of helping the Haus to grow and expand its cultural mission.

Additionally an accomplished tenor, Kevin Rouchell, as well as MC Eric Paulsen, of WWL-TV, will add to the wonderful event that only benefits the Haus.

That being said, unfortunately there is only one German-speaking organization, that meets regularly in the Haus. Its called Schlaraffia, and is a German-speaking fraternity organization with chapters all over the world. It was founded in Prague in 1859 and has endured two world wars in our country because politics, religion and business are not discussed or permitted during the meetings.

We are an all-inclusive organization; the only requirements are that an applicant should be able to follow the proceedings in German and that you have a sponsor for your eventual membership. Guests with German language capabilities are always welcome. We meet October through April every Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Haus. I am a lifetime member and active supporter of the Haus and completely endorse the position our president and now general manager, Mr. Jack Gonzales, presents: “Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Willkommen im Deutschen Haus!”

J. Seifert

retired engineer

Belle Chasse