Amid fireworks, the LSU football team runs onto the field for the first half of the LSU Alabama football game Saturday Nov. 5, 2016, in Tiger Stadium.

My wife and I attended the UGA-LSU football game on Oct. 13. We have traveled to many stadiums for a number of years. We were very much looking forward to the trip to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

It was a trip to remember, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. The game atmosphere and fan behavior was the most disgusting we have ever experienced. The tradition of “Neck” is simply sad, along with the “F you UGA” chant. It would be bad enough if it was just immature college students, but it wasn’t. It was adults. Adults!

After a great game by LSU, we left the stadium, only to be met by people intentionally blocking our way, shouting obscenities and vulgarities at myself and my wife. We also witnessed this happen to families with small children. Most of these obscenities were preceded by what is apparently the state word of Louisiana — the F word. All the while, stadium personnel just stood by smiling. During our walk to our vehicle, this behavior continued, and not one person on our 10-minute walk ever said anything to the offenders.

Warning, the video below contains vulgar language. Can't see video below? Click here.

This is clearly accepted behavior by other fans, as most watched, laughed or participated in the harassment. It is also apparently behavior acceptable to university administrators, as my email to the university president has gone unanswered. This customary behavior is a stain on the university, the community as a whole, and the LSU football team. It’s an easy problem to fix; it only takes a willingness. Let’s stop with the justifications as well, such as "they were drunk; it happens everywhere." Some were drunk; some were not. Some harassment does happen everywhere, but I have never witnessed it at this level. Typically it’s a very small minority. That’s not the case at LSU. Be better! Congratulations on a terrific win. We will never be back.

Jim Todd

health care professional

Watkinsville, Georgia