Is this too much to ask?

Every day many of our fellow Americans put their own personal safety in jeopardy in order to keep your family and mine safe. Without hesitation, they run into the fire never thinking about what might happen to themselves. They are selfless heroes and we are deeply in their debt.

We find ourselves in a crisis not of our own doing. A pandemic has swept across our country and is threatening every aspect of our lives. How we work. How we play. How we care for each other.

The enemy is cruel and relentless. It is unforgiving and seeks out the most vulnerable among us. It exploits our weaknesses and frailties and we seek comfort hoping that it won't take either you or me.

But our time may be close at hand if we do not do what we need to do. Already over 135,000 lives have been lost. Mothers. Fathers. Sons and daughters. Friends and neighbors.

We know what we need to do. No one else can do it for us. Wear a mask. Wash our hands. Stay a safe distance apart.

Ask yourself: Is this too much to ask?


dean, LSU Health, School of Medicine

New Orleans