Recently I had to go to the State Police headquarters on Independence Boulevard in Baton Rouge. Even though I had to wait for 2½ hours to get a background check, the employees were very courteous and professional.

While waiting I noticed the lobby televisions were tuned to the Fox News Channel — the network that Gov. Jindal speaks to more than he speaks to the citizens of Louisiana.

I noticed that the Fox reporters constantly used the words “maybe,” “could be,” “unnamed sources,” and their own opinion doing their so-called reporting. This was several days after the attacks in Paris.

Who decides what channels the TVs are tuned to in state buildings where taxpayers are paying fees for services? Is it a law that the TVs be tuned to a certain station?

Whoever makes these decisions should be required to sit in the lobby for 2½ hours, just like their customers have to, and then they will know how we feel.

Randy Perkins