Joe Biden’s administration and the woke ideologues are on the cusp of fulfilling Barack Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally change America,” and not for the better. Biden’s administration, with the help of a propagandized media, have ended our nation’s energy independence and promoted the decimation of the “thin blue line” of law enforcement which stands between civility and chaos.

Democrats and academia paint America as “systemically racist” while promoting a 1619 Project that repudiates Americas’ great history of fighting a war that ended slavery, and grew a nation to be the beacon of hope for all people of the world in search of freedom and opportunity. They encourage critical race theory to indoctrinate and brainwash the military, corporate America, and criminally inserting this rot into our children’s classroom. This obliterates Martin Luther King’s dream of men being judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

With the pathetic inept pull-out of Afghanistan, our woke military leadership says the level of terrorism has risen. Captain Obvious must be the ranking officer of this team. Probability is very high that America already has terrorists within our country from the debacle Biden encouraged at the southern border, along with COVID-19 infected immigrants coming to a town near you.

Our government’s first responsibility is to keep its citizens safe. Elites and their blind minions despise Donald Trump, but he protected America with results. Do you feel safe with Biden at the helm? Is he capable of remaining at the helm? Is he really at the helm? In a few short months, this man has cemented his legacy as the worst president in American history. It’s only going to get worse without a dramatic shift.

Confidence in elections is paramount. The right to vote must be certified with picture ID.


benefits administrator