In response to U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise’s commentary complaining about immigrants getting vaccines, I would like to point out:

If you like food (including crawfish) on your table, we need to vaccinate those doing the essential work that U.S. citizens won’t do.

President Joe Biden is not proposing they get ahead of anyone, just that they are not denied.

The virus will not go away until all of God’s children are protected, regardless of immigration status.

I am over 65 and would gladly step aside so essential workers, including the undocumented, can get vaccinated.

Are you one of the virus deniers, saying it would go away Nov. 4, who thought wearing a mask in indoor public places infringes on your rights? If so, please get to the back of the line, and let the essential workers and mask wearers get their vaccinations.


retired railroad mechanical supervisor