Your Jan. 31 editorial taking aim at President Joe Biden’s measured, reasonable pause on new oil and gas leasing on federal land ignores reality and echoes shrill partisan rhetoric.

The editorial — carrying the inflammatory headline "Biden goes to war with oil, and will lose" — argues that he “will surrender” once the economy resumes its consumption of fossil fuels because the “industrial world lives on oil and gas production.”

C’mon now — Biden has hardly shut off the oil spigot with any of his actions. There’s no “war” here. He leaves in place years’ worth of already approved drilling permits on federal land, and more than enough oil will be produced to meet needs and buy us time for our transition to green.

Fact is, the world has decided to rely ever less on fossil fuels. That hasn’t escaped carmakers like Tesla, Volvo and General Motors, which will completely convert to selling zero-emission vehicles within 15 years. And more folks will keep working from home, not guzzling gas to and from jobs. We’ll never again approach pre-pandemic levels of oil consumption.

Our coastline, our economy and the potential to create new, long-lasting jobs in Louisiana and across the country depend on the green transition happening faster and faster. Most important of all, we need actions like Biden’s — and more — so our kids and grandkids can live out their lives on a habitable planet. That’s reality.


retired editor