Reminding you to vote may be preaching to the choir. Most folks who take their time to read letters to the editor probably do vote. But, just in case, please remember voting is so incredibly important.

And even if your candidates don’t win, give them a clue as to how close they came to losing. It helps keep them humble.

After voting, it is really important to call them regarding any issues important to you. Let them know if you are unhappy, but it helps to also let them know when you are happy. Politicians like happy constituents.

The front section of this paper’s Sunday edition prints a synopsis of what was voted on the previous week and how your senator and representative voted.

Yes, we are all drops of water in the ocean, but the ocean is made up of individual drops. So, please vote, call, and be a drop. And, if you feel you are not represented here, send a few bucks to an out-of-state candidate whom you feel will more adequately represent you.