In the time of cigarettes, ice cream, potato chips, processed foods, alcohol, to name a few, which leads to cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, and other health issues: These bad choices lead to multiple prescription medications being accepted as normal, hospital stays, and even death. The science is sound.

I understand that hospitals are required to serve all sick people, and they should, but according to the philosophy of Claudette Oster's letter (Sept. 6), should hospitals also treat a person who lives a sedentary lifestyle, smokes cigarettes, eats unhealthy foods, has high blood sugar, or drinks alcohol?

Why should people that refuse to follow a science-based healthy lifestyle expect science to heal them after they get sick? They know the foods and drinks they are consuming are making them sick.

They made the choice to eat and drink that way, and take a handful of prescriptions on a daily basis, so now according to Oster they should live or die with the consequences. Diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, etc. could be brought to its knees if we all followed the science and didn't consume products that were bad for us.

At least these are products people consume every day, have for decades, and we know the science. Even though the government rushed the FDA vaccine approval, all of the proper studies and testing of side effects will not be known for many more years to come.

What happened to love and compassion for each other?



Baton Rouge