I’m writing today as a response to the article printed on Sunday titled, “EBR programs recruit students.”

I am a 10th-grader enrolled in the gifted program here in Baton Rouge. I was excited to read the article, as I am a big supporter of our school system, and I participated in the EBR Mania this past weekend.

However, as I read through the article, I was disappointed in how one-sided it was, focusing almost entirely on the magnet and talented programs, while merely giving a head count of the 2,800 students excelling in the gifted program. Not once did the article mention the process to get into the gifted program, much less mention what the gifted program has done for its students!

I have many friends who are getting a great education at several of the magnet schools in Baton Rouge, but the gifted programs in Baton Rouge are producing some of the best students in the school system. The gifted program is one of EBR’s treasures, and I felt, along with the rest of my family, that it was not given its moment to shine.

Sure, there is a difficult screening process that families and students must go through, but it’s worth the effort. Class sizes are small, the teachers are very qualified and students are challenged every day.

My peers and teachers help me strive to do my best, and that is something that is irreplaceable. In the future I would appreciate a more-balanced view of all of the great programs that EBR schools have to offer.

Ali Poor


Baton Rouge