This is in response to Michael Polito’s anti-religion tirade. On the surface, it appeared as though his attacks were against religion. However, by the end of his article, it became clear that his sights were set on God himself.

Polito spoke of moral wrong and “evil” in the same article that he denies the existence of God. The error here is that, when a moral question is raised, it involves the intrinsic value of a person.

We do not speak of moral wrong in the abstract, we speak of it in relation to a person. We only say hatred and bigotry are wrong because we consider people to be valuable. However, the value of people would be subjective unless it were ascribed by someone who is intrinsiclly worthy of high value in and of themselves and has the authority to bind moral absolutes on others. That person can only be God.

It appears that Polito overlooked or forgot some important historical facts as well.

Lost in his diatribe is the fact that the humanitarian initiative is a product of Christianity. He also seems to be unaware that our moral laws are rooted in Judeo-Christian ideals.

In addition, Polito gushed over the wonderful possibilities of a world without religion. He obviously is not familiar with Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China — both of whom were avowed atheists. Their regimes were devoid of religious influence and resulted in millions of deaths. That’s very different from the utopia Polito speaks about.

He spoke of religion as being invented by people who were afraid of death. It could just as easily be said that people seeking to rid themselves of any moral responsibility to a personal creator contrived atheism.

Polito’s charge of religious brainwashing is absurd as well. His article was loaded with atheistic “talking points.” There was nothing original. One could reasonably conclude that he has been brainwashedby atheistic philosophy. After all, logic and reason point to theism.

The fact that there are so many religions proves that humans inherently know that God is. The created order agrees with this. The goal is to discover who he is and what he requires of us. This can be found in one of the books Polito laments, the best-seller of all time, God’s word, the Holy Bible.

Theron Smith


New Roads