A motorist with a Texas license plate drives toward Cameron LNG, seen under construction in the background Hwy. 27 in Hackberry, La. Cameron LNG is working on a $9 billion expansion of its facility creating 225 in the parish and 50 jobs in Houston.

This was a great year for energy in Louisiana. Our state policymakers helped support infrastructure development and worked toward enacting legislation that puts forth a balanced approach to addressing Louisiana’s energy needs.

Voters also helped move forward on plans to expand infrastructure like pipelines by approving legislation like Constitution Amendment No. 1, which prohibits the assessment of property taxes on projects during construction.

These efforts help build a strong foundation for job development, innovation and energy security while supporting more affordable household energy costs.

And now with new offshore energy actions underway in WashingtonD.C., we have an opportunity to expand the benefits we all receive from the Gulf of Mexico, a source of abundant energy, recreation and food products for Louisianans and Americans.

Having access to affordable energy affects every facet of our daily lives — and nowhere is this better understood than in Louisiana, where an all-of-the-above energy strategy has led to positive economic activity, such as increases in both manufacturing and port activity.

With our state using the most energy per capita in the U.S., our focus needs to remain squarely on further advancing an all-of-the-above approach to energy in 2018. That way, we can work to support both our economy and environment.

Louisianans do not — and should not — need to choose between protecting the environment and harnessing the state’s vast domestic energy resources. Thanks to safety procedures, regulations, and technology that are second to none, we can do both.

This year, let’s hope that decision-makers continue working together to find common-ground ways to create greater energy security, upgrade our infrastructure and push forward with cutting-edge innovations that will power our economy and communities and help to keep the lights on this holiday and in the years to come.

Link Browder

director, Consumer Energy Alliance Mid-Continent


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