Biden (copy)

President Joe Biden speaks with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards as he arrives in Lake Charles May 6. The president and governor compared their pocket Rosaries.

I read Garey Forster's article July 1 regarding our president and other politicians and their claim to Christianity. I applaud him for recognizing their claims as simple fantasy.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi never fails to hail her Catholic faith when she is speaking and President Joe Biden is sure to let the people know that he attends Mass. Maybe someone should let them know that Adolf Hitler also claimed to be a Catholic.

Nancy Pelosi says that we don't need God anymore, we have them, and Chuck Schumer commented that they don't need thoughts and prayers, they need votes.

These people need to know that Christianity is not a breastplate you wear to conceal an evil life. It is a choice to love and serve God. God said we would know a tree by its fruit, and most certainly, we do know.



Baton Rouge

Garey Forster: Don't count on the Catholic bishops to lay down The Law to Joe Biden