They violate the U.S. Constitution, obviously the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection” and Article 4, Section 1’s “full faith and credit” rules, but above all, the ban on an “establishment of religion.” There is no secular basis for any government to treat gays differently from anyone else. None. Nada. Zilch. Science, for example, tells us homosexuality is found in many animal species and that human sexuality is very diverse, so homosexuality is natural for some people.

Gay rights foes usually cite a belief that some god demonizes homosexuality. Theists are free to practice religious beliefs in their private lives, but once someone takes the oath of public office, he or she is specifically forbidden to put religious beliefs into laws. Laws must have credible secular bases. Any judge who takes the oath seriously must always reject same-sex marriage bans. If the U.S. Supreme Court same-sex-marriage ruling is not 9-0, some justices ought to be impeached.

Anyway, marriage has absolutely no connection with religion. It is a legal system that automatically gives couples certain, often-valuable rights. That religions claim control over marriages or anything else, such as health decisions, is irrelevant. Clergy and other believers have no authority to force their religious beliefs on anyone.

The main attempt at a secular argument, that it’s about children, is ludicrously phony. First, many opposite-sex marriages can’t produce children: A couple may be too old or one member is known to be infertile, yet can wed.

Second, many gay couples have children: Some bisexuals have children before settling in a same-sex relationship. Some gays have children while “closeted”; raise children of family members who are unfit parents; or adopt children. Denying them marriage interferes with important rights in child-raising.

So the “children” argument actually says same-sex marriage must be legal everywhere.

Of course, U.S. law in general is not derived from the Bible but from English common law, which is based on the pagan Germanic legal principles of the Anglo-Saxons. So the Bible is even more irrelevant.

Finally, opposition to same-sex marriage is simply immoral because it’s rooted in a baseless, superstition-driven hatred of some citizens.

William Sierichs Jr.

retired newspaperman

Baton Rouge