Thanks to The Advocate for making Louisiana citizens aware of the Public Service Commission's important vote last week. Please continue to explain what it means. I am disappointed that the commissioner representing my area, Dr. Craig Green, voted for a change to allow Entergy to pay less for excess energy from homeowners who install solar panels. Entergy gets to sell the power for more profit.

We must encourage (not discourage) installing solar panels. Our critical problems of air pollution and climate change can be helped by more solar. PSC, don’t succumb to Entergy by harming all of us. Entergy has ripped us off for decades. Just look at the list of charges on your statement.

It’s long overdue that you stop the “fuel adjustment” charges. They were allowed in the 1970s when the Saudis needed to discipline the United States. No corporation will voluntarily give up putting additional charges on the consumer if not required to support them. Gas got cheap but apparently Entergy doesn’t buy it. PSC, you must require an audit to show if the “fuel adjustment” millions can be supported.

Members of the Public Service Commission should not be allowed to take campaign donations from the very companies they are entrusted to regulate. Contact your state legislators for a bill to prevent that, as other states have.

PSC, do your job, protect the people.

John L. Hillman

retired seaman

Baton Rouge