Louisiana Legislature Ends

Probation and parole officers fill out messages for lawmakers in the Louisiana House chamber, trying to persuade the Legislature to keep the officers' pay raise in next year's budget, on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

If the Legislature would be smart enough and work only to balance the budget, lawmakers would save the millions needed and quit worrying about stupid stuff such as trying to change school names. Go up on the gas tax; it is the only way to fix roads. Quit funding TOPS at 100 percent; fund it only at 50 percent. A third special session is about to start, but the Legislature still can't get budget right. If one Republican and one Democrat would work together, maybe the rest will play nice and put the state first. These smart politicians should work together, not for themselves. Thanks for hearing from a working person.

Ronnie McDaniel

safety supervisor

Denham Springs